Water Technology Initiative is a demand oriented user centric initiative which includes development research in laboratories as well as application research in field. The scope of initiative covers the entire value chain of R&D right from water oriented applied research, pre competitive technology development, technology based classification & assessment of technology options, pilot-demonstration of technology leads from laboratories and academic institutions to evolve a basket of technology options and mounting of technically, socially, environmentally and
eventually affordable convergent solutions suited to socio-economic context.
Based on stakeholders’ consultation, it is being inferred that there is a need to promote research for cross sectoral interface in the water domain. This is necessary to enhance access to water supply and services and reduce disparities among different sections and regions which calls for a multi-goal optimisation process accounting for sectoral integration of water-food-energy with health-educationequity.

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WTI Call 2019 Research Technology Innovation on nexus of Water with Energy Food and Health

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