Organizing Committee Members



Dr. Kamal Bansal


Dean Academic Development and Innovation

Dr. S. M. Tauseef

Assistant Dean (R&D) - SoE

Dr. Kiran Kumar Ravulakollu

Assistant Dean (R&D) - SoCS

Dr. Tarun Dhingra

Assistant Dean (R&D) - SoB

Dr. Santosh Dubey

Dept. of Applied Sciences

Dr. Venkateshwarlu Chintala

Dept of Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Rajeshwar Mahajan

Dept of Chemical Engineering

Dr. Rajesh Yadav

Dept of Aerospace Engineering

Ms. Srawanti Medhi

Dept. of Petroleum Engineering & Earth Sciences

Dr. Vinay Chowdary

Dept of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Mr. Anand Kumar Singh

Dept. of HSE and Civil Engineering

Dr. Kanchan Bahukhandi

Dept. of HSE and Civil Engineering

Mr. Deepak Chandra Goel

School of Design