A workshop on ‘Greywater Treatment Technology: Opportunities & Challenges’, organized by the Research & Development (R&D) UPES, concluded successfully at the Bidholi campus of University. The daylong event, organised by R&D UPES which have got Greywater treatment technology project sponsored by the ‘Department of Science & Technology (DST)’, Govt. of India under its ‘Water Technology Initiative (WTI)’, was presided by Dr. Rajendra Dobhal - Director General, Uttarakhand State Council for Science & Technology (UCOST) as the ‘Chief Guest’. Eminent Water Treatment & Management Professionals - Dr. Raman Sharma - Senior Scientist, CSIR-NEERI Delhi and Dr. Brij Mohan Sharma, Secretary - Society of Pollution & Environmental Conservation Scientists (SPECS) graced the event as ‘Invited Experts’.

Briefing the media on the event, Mr. Arun Dhand - Sr. Director, Public Affairs UPES shared that the conservation & protection of water resources and environment has always been a prime concern for UPES. “This workshop was in continuation on one of the project which has been sponsored by the Department of Science & Technology under its Water Technology Initiative for development of technology and to address the diversified water challenges ranging from various fundamental research based issues to management, policy & societal awareness” Mr. Dhand shared. Delegates from reputed educational institutions viz. Graphic Era University, Dehradun; SGRR University, Dehradun; Tulas Institute, Dehradun; Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya, Haridwar, SPECS, industry participant M/s Evian Engineering Private Limited, Delhi along with the hosts UPES participated in the seminar.

Welcoming the ‘Chief Guest’, ‘Invited Experts’, Dr. S.J. Chopra - Chancellor UPES, Dr. Deependra Jha - Vice Chancellor UPES, Dr. Kamal Bansal - Dean, Academic Development & Innovation UPES and all the delegates to the event, Dr. Jitendra Kr. Pandey - Associate Dean Research UPES & ‘Seminar Chair’ shared that the seminar was specially customized to benefit students, educators, researchers, scientists, engineers & industrialists engaged in a wide range of water related research, applications & entrepreneurial activities. “The dissemination of knowledge from the invited lectures by experienced researchers, expert talk by the Hon’ble Chief Guest, presentations by the participants along with the brainstorming session & panel discussion will provide valuable learnings to the delegates” he stated. Dr. Pandey hosted the proceedings of the seminar jointly with Dr. S.M. Tauseef - Associate Professor & Assistant Dean (Research), School of Engineering, UPES.

A brainstorming session on the treatment of Greywater from various sources witnessed eminent speakers from industries & reputed institutions addressing the key issues in ‘Greywater Technology - challenges & opportunities’; ‘Greywater Treatment - reuse & its societal impact’ and ‘Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Water Domain’.

Delivering the Chief Guest lecture, Dr. Rajendra Dobhal spoke on the current water availability scenario focusing his discussions on its management. “In view of the current water resource scarcity scenario, its effective management has become even more important. The need of the hour is to regularly undertake requisite steps for its proper management to avoid association of additional challenges with this already scarce resource” he said. Speaking on the current technology to treat the used water (greywater) for quality & making it reusable for various purposes other than the human consumption, the Chief Guest apprised the gathering about his personal experience on water conservation gained while visiting various foreign nations. “Water is a most precious resource. Even though 70% of the earth's surface is covered by water but less than 1% only is available for human use, therefore is becomes even more essential that everyone should contribute for its conservation for the coming generations. Researchers & scientists need to develop technology for water solutions and collate its valuable data for the next generations” Dr.
Dobhal added.

Amongst the Invited Experts, Dr. Raman Sharma spoke about revival of waterbodies & lakes in with NEERI & Delhi Jal Board’s support and shared case study of the projects completed by NEERI and referred to ‘In-SITU’ & ‘Ex-SITU’ technologies for treatment of contaminated soil.

Dr. Brijmohan Sharma too shared his field experiences & case studies on Water Treatment Units in Dehradun while addressing the audience.

In his talk on ‘Wastewater Treatment using the novel SHEFROL Bioreactor Wastewater Treatment System’, Dr. S.M. Tauseef quoted his research experiences. “Water scarcity & its management poses a big challenge that should have been acted upon by yesterday instead of today or tomorrow. We are already late but it is still better to be late than never” Dr. Tauseef shared.

A presentation by Mr. Mahendra Rana from State Intern College, Shilodi (Pauri Garhwal) on “Loss of Water in Mountains due to Lack of proper Water Management” and a talk by Ms. Sakshi Gupta, from Graphic Era University on “Rainwater Harvesting & Entrepreneurial Opportunities” were well received by all.

The event concluded with a ‘Vote of Thanks’ by Dr. Jitendra Pandey who acknowledged WTI-DST Govt. of India for supporting the Greywater Treatment project. Thanking the Chief Guest, Invited Experts & the delegates, Dr. Pandey appreciated the organizing team for conducting the event successfully. “Greywater could be a valuable asset to handle the water management, and water scarcity challenges. Generated in form of water ousted from households, office buildings & streams without the fecal contamination, the use of treated greywater will help save large amounts of freshwater. The treated water has its usage for Irrigation, Gardening, Cleaning, Mopping, Flushing, Road Making, Sprinkling, Railways, Private Sectors, Housekeeping services etc.” he informed.

The ‘Organizing Team’ constituted of Dr. Jitendra Kumar Pandey as 'Seminar Chair' Dr. Tarun Dhingra, Dr. SM Tauseef & Dr. Kiran K Ruvulakollu as ‘Conveners’; Mukesh Chandra Kestwal & Ravi Kumar Patel as ‘Seminar Secretary’ and Rakhi Ruhal, Surajit Mondal, P. Swami Sairam , Abhishek Sharma, Nikhil Raj, Anurag Barmola & Charu Chandra Pant as ‘Steering Committee Members’.

Media Reports:

Media Reports:

Seminar & Brainstorming session on Greywater treatment technology concludes at UPES on 07 Jan 2020, chaired by Dr. Rajendra Dobhal, Director General, UCOST Dehradun
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