The facility is aimed at conducting high-end computing specific to investing Machine Learning challenges of Artificial Intelligence. The facility is funded by Research & Development of UPES, in collaboration with School of Computer Science (SOCS) having a vision to develop as Centre of Excellence (COE) that is profound and self-sustainable.
MIRC facility is equipped with HPE Apollo 6000 Gen 10 server system, having 256 GBs of RAM and dual Xeon processors installed over 32 GB of GPU Tesla V100 graphic card. MIRC provides platform for researchers of all faculty and students to conduct fundamental research in the field of artificial intelligence and data sciences. It also provides assistance and collaborate with other schools of the university and other related organizations for applied AI work. MIRC facilitates the heavy and parallel computing for other fields like fluid dynamics, virtual reality, and simulation for aerodynamics. The centre is utilized by students of doctoral studies, post and under graduate along with faculty members. Over the coming few years, the centre is expected to be strengthened with increased computational capacities and other infrastructure.