The Centre for Sports Law (CSL) aims to provide a platform for law students and young legal professionals to various aspects of sports related laws. important aspect of the sports industry and knowledge of the legal aspects of the business of sport is a tool which future lawyers must possess. The growing interaction between sports and law has created a new need in the society for a greater understanding of how law relates
Sports law is growing to be an to the sporting world. With the advent of technology, online games of skill, the laws relating to the sports industry has grown exponentially which naturally attracts a myriad of issues. The entertainment laws, intellectual property laws and contractual dispute resolutions are also important aspects of sports law. What also makes sports law interesting is that it’s a regulatory maze and touches upon each and every aspect of law, be it commercial contracts, arbitration or criminal law. It’s a perfect combination of both contentious and non-contentious practice.

The idea behind setting up the CSL is to explore and engage in brainstorming innovative ideas and techniques to bring to the forefront the tremendous legal and academic potential of the ‘Sports’ Law field.

Aim and Objectives

• To provide insights into new trends in the sports and entertainment law field.

• CSL aims to provide the students and young legal professionals with access to practitioners and other individuals in the sports and entertainment law fields, and to afford them the opportunity to pursue and explore the many areas of sports and entertainment law. The main objectives of the centre are: (a) to organize webinars, seminars, workshops and other networking opportunities with industry experts; (b) provide law students with access to alumni (if any) who are working in the areas of Sports and/or entertainment laws.

• To launch a certificate course on sports law.

• To launch a sports law journal, UPES.

• International conference on ‘sports law’.

Committee Members

Chairperson: Dr. Vijay Kumar Singh, Dean, School of Law, UPES
Faculty Convener: Mr. Abhishek Sinha, Assistant Professor (SG), School of Law
Alumni Consultant: Mr. Subhrajit Chanda
Student Advisor: Mr. Akshay Singh Rawat, 5th year BCom LLB TL
Student Convener: Mr. Parth Sabharwal, 4th year BBA LLB CL