Dr. Jitendra Kumar Pandey
Associate Dean Research, UPES


Welcome to the website of UPES-Research and Development. This site has been developed to provide a platform to get the information and resources needed for research and development activities in the University. I believe that UPES Research division is essential to guide and inspire generative innovation transformations by promoting interdisciplinary research catering to the need and benefit of an increasingly diverse world. One way to support this mission is to provide a strong research infrastructure aimed at increasing research grants, publications and patents that promote our goals while at the same time increasing our potential to have a significant impact on society.

UPES continues to evolve in this direction by providing support to faculty members to help realize their research goals, organize regular Industry-Academy meetings, and instill research fervour at graduate and postgraduate level and support prototype development and advancement.

Our primary goal is to create an environment with optimized support for the development of research initiatives of faculty research, development of research programs and procedures, establishment of sustainable community partnerships, identification of funding opportunities and support for proposal submissions, grant management and compliance by creating distribution of our scholarship to a wide range of stakeholders. As we work hard to increase the capacity of our relatively new Research Division, I look forward to your support to develop a sustainable research culture in the University.

We look forward to your suggestions and collaborations to further develop and diversify our scientific as well as interdisciplinary research programs, so that we can better serve our society.