Overview and purpose

Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) provides financial assistance for Indian scientists working outside ICMR institutes to conduct research in the fields of medicine, public health, and allied disciplines aimed at improving health of Indians under its Extramural Research Programme.

The proposed research in response to Call for Proposals should be well circumscribed, and time bound. It should achieve specific and measurable objectives and should be in line with ICMR priorities. Multidisciplinary projects which aim to find solutions to priority disease and conditions (see table 1) will receive preference for funding. Research proposals that take forward leads from previous ICMR grants to fruition will also be given preference.

The following types of research proposals will be considered. Some indicative examples of each category are given below.

1. Discovery research aimed at finding novel interventions (basic research). Some examples are pre-clinical and phase-I studies including phytopharmaceuticals and traditional medicines and genomic methods/algorithms/tools for personalized medicine etc.

2. Development research aimed at developing interventions for screening, diagnosis, prevention, treatment of diseases/conditions or make existing interventions simpler, safer, more efficacious, or more affordable. Examples of such research includes development of Point of care tests, molecular diagnostic tests, animal models for diseases appropriate dosage and formulations, artificial intelligence and machine learning predictive tools/models, phase 2/3 (or equivalent phase) clinical trials of vaccine and therapeutics etc.

3. Delivery research or implementation research aimed at learning how to overcome barriers in delivering effective interventions to the people who need them. This will include health system-based interventions to increase access, and to successfully implement national health programme or schemes, reducing inequity and improve quality of health care.

4. Descriptive Research aimed to understand the disease or condition including its burden, risk factors and determinants and pathogenesis mechanism will not be prioritized; will be funded only if deemed by ICMR to be critical to move towards finding solutions.

Priority diseases or conditions Research proposals that are aimed at finding solutions for prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment or rehabilitation of the following diseases or conditions will receive preference for funding:

Duration of project and funding

Current budgetary ceiling is 1.5 crores per project. The project duration will be up to a maximum period of three years. An additional period of up to 6 months for preparatory activities (with no additional costs) can be incorporated in the project proposal.

How to apply

A proposal can be submitted for financial support through ONLINE MODE ONLY by Indian scientists/ professionals who have a regular employment in Medical Institutes/ Research Institutes/ Universities/ Colleges/ recognized Research & Development laboratories/ Government and semi-government organizations and NGOs (documentary evidence of their recognition including DSIR certificate should be enclosed with every proposal). ICMR scientists are not eligible to apply in this call. ICMR scientists may be named as co-investigators in these projects, but no funds will be given for ICMR institutions or scientists in these cases.

For any queries related to the call, please contact

Dr. Lokesh Sharma

Scientist E Division of BMI,

ICMR Headquarters,

V Ramalingaswami Bhawan,

Ansari Nagar, New Delhi-110029

Email: po.epms@icmr.gov.in

Deadline for submission of complete proposal: 28 April 2023

Deadline for submission of concept note/expression of interest to R&D Department – 3 April 2023, EoD. The project proposal in prescribed format or the concept note as the case may be, should be sent to Dean R&D (dean.research@ddn.upes.ac.in), with CC to Associate Dean (R&D) (smtauseef@ddn.upes.ac.in) well in time.


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