The Department of Science & Technology (DST) under its Instrument Development Programme has been promoting and supporting activities related to indigenous development of selected instruments in the country. During recent past, DST has supported the development of instruments such as IR Spectrophotometer, UV-VIS Spectrophotometer, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, Soil Salinity Tester, Ion Selection Electrodes, Digital Tide Gauge etc. at various R&D institutions. This has resulted in development of these instruments and subsequent transfer of know-how to various production agencies for their commercial production.


The programme focuses on strengthening indigenous capability for research, design, development and production of instruments in the country leading to fulfillment of the following objectives: -:

Indigenous development and production of instruments,Continuous updating of the technology of instruments to keep pace with technology improvements taking place globally, and
Innovations in the area of instrumentation.


Following areas have been identified and project proposals may be submitted for development of instruments/sensors in these areas :-

1. Analytical instruments;

2. Environment Monitoring and Pollution Control instruments;

3. Laser based instruments;

4. Instruments for Food Processing;

5. Medical Instruments;

6. Test & Measuring instruments;

7. Geo-scientific instruments;

8. Agri-electronic instruments;

9. Textile instruments;

10. Sensors.


The Project Proposal could be submitted for financial support by scientist/ engineers/ technologists working in Universities and other academic institutions; R&D institutions/ laboratories having adequate infrastructure and facilities to carry out R&D work. Financial support is provided only for staff salaries, equipment, consumables, internal travel and other miscellaneous items. No support is provided towards basic infrastructure and building. The investigators/ R&D Group should have adequate experience and expertise in the relevant area of instrumentation.


Five (5) copies of the project proposal and a soft copy should be submitted in the enclosed format. Please ensure that following documents have been completed and attached in original with one copy of the proposal.

i. Certificate from the investigator (given on page 1 of the format);

ii. Endorsement from Head of the institution on Letter Head (given on page 2 of the enclosed format).

These documents may not be attached with other 4 copies of the project proposal. Application received without above documents/with incomplete information under each time of the format will not be entertained.

The project proposal may be sent to :

The Adviser & Head Technology Development and Transfer Division Instrument Development Programme Department of Science & Technology Technology Bhavan, New Mehrauli Road NEW DELHI – 110016.

The proposal may be submitted any time during the year.


Following amount will be provided to the host institution as part of the project budget towards meeting their costs for overhead expenses including infrastructure facilities etc :-

i. 20% of the total project cost with an upper limit of Rs.5.0 lakh for educational institutions and Rs.3 lakh for laboratories and institutes under S&T agencies/departments, will be provided as a part of the project,

ii. On projects costing more than Rs.50 lakhs, the quantum will be decided on a case to case basis.


Dr. Neeraj Sharma

Head (TDT)

Department of Science and Technology
Technology Bhavan
New Delhi-110 016
Telefax : 011-26964781


Deadline for submission of concept note/expression of interest, for this rolling advertisement, to R&D Department –August 31, 2022, EoD. The project proposal in prescribed format or the concept note as the case may be, should be sent to Dean R&D (, with CC to Associate Dean (R&D) ( well in time.

For more information, please see the attachment and visit

Instrumentation Development Programme

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