Research & Technology Development for Blending of Agro-Residues with Coal in Thermal Power Plants

1. Preamable

In India, power is generated both from conventional and renewable sources. However, power generation through coal-based thermal power plants occupies 75% of the total power generation. The use of biomass especially agro-based with coal is an eco-friendly and cost-effective technique to deal with present environmental concerns. During combustion of Agro-Residues beyond a limit in coal-fired thermal power plants, safety is a cause of concern as it contains various volatile matter including Sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide, which pose a threat to stable operation of power plant. The ash generated from co-firing also needs to be utilized effectively. Scientific interventions are solicited to ensure that the resulting blend limits with coal shall increase while maintain plant output without damaging the boiler and balance of plant.

2. Objectives of Call

The objective of the call is to promote translational research utilizing available lab scale know-how to consolidate research outputs to advance current technologies in the related field to deliver potential solutions to enhance the share of Renewable Energy for industrial and societal applications. Lead Principal investigator should have a research team to foster interdisciplinary, multi-institutional networked research projects synergizing strengths of respective partners to deliver efficient Technology to meet national needs in thermal power plant. The call envisages close interaction between industry, academia and research institutions. Participation of industrial collaborators from early stage is desirable to build long term linkage and take up leads to develop technologies that could eventually find a space in market place. The outcome of the scientific endeavour under the call should be scalable.

3. Thrust areas

3.1 Research to reduce Chlorine & Alkali contents in Agro residues Biomass.

3.2 Research on effective techniques / modern harvesting methods / combine attachment for harvesting agro based residue (or stubble) from farm fields.

3.3 Research on use of biomass fly ash in cement-based materials.

3.4 Research on release of volatile matters in co-firing biomass with coal.

3.5 Research on using gasified products of the agro residue (biomass) as syngas in the existing coal PC-fired boilers.

3.6 Research on use of Municipal Solid Waste pellets (MSW pellets) in Thermal Power Plants.

3.7 Research on pelletization technologies.

3.8 Research on addressing challenges in co-milling of more than 10% Biomass Pellets with Coal in TPS.


The proposals are to be led by Faculties of recognized universities and academic institutions, scientists working in National and State Laboratories, R&D institutions and Research organizations recognized by DSIR individually or in consortium. Genuine and meaningful participation of Thermal Power Plant entity/industry (with statutory recognitions) having capability in the area and have potential to commercialize the developed technology is desirable.


The proposals have to be submitted in the institute – industry / user partnership only. The proposals are to be led by faculties/ scientists working in recognized academic institutions, public funded R&D Institution/ Laboratories, DSIR recognized SIRO organization in partnership with other academic/ R&D organisation, state line departments, S&T based voluntary organisation, etc. Participation of industries/ start-ups and industry association is strongly recommended. The role of industry in the proposal should be tangible and it should show interest in promoting or encouraging the developed technology. The company/industry has to be willing to contribute in the form of industry attributable technical inputs and resources in kind. Cash contribution will be added advantage.

Project Cost:

Up to 5 crores for the credible scale prototype / Facility / demonstration system. The cost of instrumentation research, testing and characterization equipment used in labs should not exceed 30% of project cost. The plant and fabrication cost is not covered in this 30% ceiling. However, if the proposal have novelty and merit, justified higher cost may also be considered

Project duration: Upto 3 years.


The proposals should clearly define the objectives and list the deliverables and these deliverables should include a target performance; how their proposed process/ product/system stands in comparison to comparable national and international ones in terms of performance and projected cost. The CV of the project investigators should be brief and highlight their competence and experience related to the proposed project area. Consortia may be formed wherever required by clearly explaining the need for forming the consortia and the roles and responsibilities of 8 each partner. The industry partner should have proven standing and R&D capability in the area related areas and should exhibit the potential to commercialize the products / systems developed under the proposal. The extent of participation and contribution of the industry partner should be clearly defined. Participating Industry would be required to invest within its own system i.e. production/ test lines and/or develop required infrastructure to adopt research leads and is expected to bring design and engineering capability for the benefit of the project. Contribution in cash, though welcome, is not mandatory for the projects submitted under this call.

6. Contacts

For online submission problems:

Portal Help-Desk Executive at 011- 26590545,

E-Mail – 10.

For any other Information:

Contact Programme officers:

Dr. Vineet Saini, Scientist ‘F’ / Mr. Dhirendra Tiwari, Scientist ‘C’;

Technology Mission Division (E&W),

Department of Science & Technology (DST),

Technology Bhavan, New Mehrauli Road,

New Delhi- 110016 (Ph 011-26590372/011-26590622).

Call closing date: 31st August 2022.

Deadline for submission of concept note/expression of interest to R&D Department –August 15, 2022, EoD. The project proposal in prescribed format or the concept note as the case may be, should be sent to Dean R&D (, with CC to Associate Dean (R&D) ( well in time.

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Research & Technology Development for Blending of Agro-Residues with Coal in Thermal Power Plants

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