India-Belarus Joint Research Programme – Call for Proposals 2022-2024

The Department of Science & Technology (DST), Govt. of India and the State Committee of Scientific Research of Belarus invite joint R&D project proposals from scientists & technologists from India and Belarus:

The DST and the State Committee (hereinafter referred to as the “Implementing Agencies”) hereby invite Indian and Belarusian scientists/researchers to submit proposals for Joint Research Projects in following areas:

(1) Information and Communication Technologies with focus on Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Cloud Services

(2) Biotechnology including Medicine and Pharmacy

(3) New Materials with particular focus on:

(i) Additive Manufacturing (AM)

(ii) Powder production for AM and Powder Metallurgy Components

(iii) Nanostructured Materials

(iv) Ceramic Materials

(v) Functional coatings and thin films for various applications


(1) An Application shall –

a) be for a Joint Research Project.

b) be made simultaneously by a counterpart team in each country as hereinafter provided.

c) be made by the Leader of a team of scientists in each country (Team Leader), to the respective Implementing Agency of his/her country, simultaneously.

Both Applications shall be identical. Since all projects are joint projects, it is expected that consultations would have been held between relevant counterpart Institutions in the other country prior to the submission of an Application.

d) be in English and shall be in the form prescribed by the relevant Implementing Agency.

e) be required to be submitted by the dates set out below.

f) Both Implementing Agencies will conduct parallel review of the applications respectively based on the agreed criteria. Implementing Agencies will make joint decisions based on the review results.

g) List of selected projects will be posted on website sometime in January 2023.

h) Successful Indian team leaders would be expected to complete various governmental requirements before commencement of the project.

i) Expected Starting of Project: March 2023

j) Project leaders are required to submit Statement of Expenditure / Utilisation Certificate along with Project Technical report immediately after completion 1st and 2nd financial year.

k) The funding for the selected projects will be provided in annual instalments.

The second instalment for each project will be provided after receipt of financial documents, mentioned above, and on evaluation of intermediate technical reports, submitted by Indian and Belarus researchers respectively to DST and the State Committee of Scientific Research of Belarus and only if both reports are evaluated positively.

(2) Applications are required to be submitted as follows –

The Indian researchers can download the proposal formats from websites / and should submit completed application form and all relevant information by 15th September 2022. Proposals must be submitted to DST through the e-application system provided at Indian Applicants also requested to send two hard copies (1 original + 2 copies) to DST by 20th September 2022 through proper channel. It should be ensured that application with identical title has been submitted by his / her Belarusian counterpart by due date.


(1) Requirements of Research Projects

a) Research Projects should be carried out jointly by research teams from both countries.

b) Each country should have a team with a Team Leader. The Team Leader should be one who holds a full-time position at a University or Research Institution in the respective Country.

c) The duration of each project should be two years

d) After the completion of this period, an application for additional six months may be considered on the merit of the progress. (Scientists are advised to submit only one project against this Call.)

(2) Financial support available

The funding will cover the following expenses in connection with a project up to a limit agreed upon by each Implementing Agency –

(a) Research expenses / contingency : Limited Expenditure by the project team in their country in respect of consumables can be considered and will be borne by the respective country, if details of item proposed and proper justification have been given. On the Indian side maximum Rs. 1 lakh towards consumables and Rs. 50,000 towards contingency can be considered.

(b) Support for Exchange visit component:

The sending side would provide return international airfare, accommodation, per diem, etc. For the approved visit of Indian scientists to Belarus, following expenditure are agreed:

international fare (from nearest airport to destination city by economy excursion class),
cash allowance @ US $ 50 per day for visit less than a week and US $ 40 per day for longer visit;
accommodation upto US $ 100 per night,
local transport upto US $ 25 (subject to receipt)
overseas medical insurance by silver class for visit duration.
(c) Entire expenditure on visit of Belarusian researchers to India would be borne by the Belarus side.

(d) No financial support towards equipment or manpower will be considered. Application will be rejected, in case above guidelines not followed by the applicant.

The following may be contacted for further details and clarifications, if any –

For India:

Dr Rajiv Kumar

Scientist `E’,

International Division Department of Science & Technology,

Ministry of Science & Technology,

Technology Bhavan, New Mehrauli Road,

New Delhi – 110 016., India

Fax: +91-11-26862418

E-mail: URL:

For Belarus:

Sergei Siniukovich

State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus Head,

Unit on Cooperation with non-CIS Countries

Dept. of International STI Cooperation

1 Akademitcheskaya str. Minsk

Postcode: 220072

Tel.: +375 17 3790314


Call closing date: 15th September 2022.

Deadline for submission of concept note/expression of interest to R&D Department –August 20, 2022, EoD. The project proposal in prescribed format or the concept note as the case may be, should be sent to Dean R&D (, with CC to Associate Dean (R&D) ( well in time.

For more information, visit

India-Belarus Joint Research Programme – Call for Proposals 2022-2024

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