Fund for Improvement of S&T Infrastructure in Universities and Higher Educational Institutions (FIST) Program – 2022

Nature of Support

The Scheme will provide optimal infrastructure facilities for post-graduate and higher research, such as, renovation of existing laboratory space (no fresh constructions) and cold room, modernization of laboratories involved in PG and higher research, acquisition of essential equipment, up-gradation of existing facilities, networking & computational facilities including software & databases, scientific & technical books (no journals), maintenance & refurbishing of existing and new facilities etc.. The facilities provided under the Program are intended to support the efforts of the Department as a whole or a number of faculty members in the Department. Proposal towards individual R&D support would not be accepted under this Scheme. The synergy and focus of research may preferably be aligned to National Missions/ priorities.


The duration of support for each FIST Project will be for a period of 5 years.


For University / Degree awarding Academic Institutions, the support will be considered for the ‘Department / School / Center’ as a unit. All Science [under Life Sciences only traditional/ basic biological areas and excluding proposals that are pertaining to areas under modern biology (including Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Immunology, Disease Biology etc.)] and Engineering Departments/ Centers having strong PG research programs which have existed for at least 5 years or more in universities and other higher educational institutions recognized or regulated by UGC/ AICTE and/or MHRD/ State Education Department. Educational organizations under the aegis of other Ministries/ Depts./ Agencies are excluded from the scope of FIST 2022 support.

For College, the support to ‘College as a whole’ shall be considered for the post-graduate S&T departments only and not for other Departments i.e., Humanities, Management, Commerce etc.

Type of Support

Currently, there are four types of support corresponding to four different levels. These are as follows:

(1) Level ‘A’ (Academic-PGC): Proposals from active PG Colleges (Govt./ Govt. aided/ Private) (having eligibility as specified for Level-A) shall be considered for a maximum support of up to Rs. 1.50 crores for establishing research facilities for the S & T for 5 years duration.

(2) Level ‘B’ (Basic R&D Depts.): Proposals from relatively small but active post-graduate S&T Department from different Universities (having eligibility as specified for Level-B) and degree awarding academic Institutions requiring moderate funding for improving quality of research. The support would be up to Rs 3.0 crores for 5 years duration for augmentation of research facilities to a Department/ School/ Centre.

(3) Level ‘C’ (Contemporary R&D Depts.): Proposals from well-established S&T Department from State/ Central Universities and degree awarding academic Institutions (having eligibility as specified for LevelC) with high repute requiring substantial funding (upper limit – Rs.5.0 crores for 5 years duration) for acquiring state-of-the-art equipment & setting up laboratories for conducting internationally competitive research.

(4) Level ‘D’ (Distinguished R&D Depts.): Proposals from well established, internationally competitive S&T Department from State/ Central Universities and degree awarding academic Institutions (having eligibility as specified for Level-D). The upper limit of funding support would be Rs 10.0 crores for 5 years duration) for acquiring only state-of-the-art very sophisticated equipment/ facilities.

Kind Attention

(1) For any repeat cycle of FIST support following an earlier FIST Project (IRRESPECTIVE of, at ANY LEVEL), henceforth all such beneficiary Department/ College would be considered for support at an appropriate level, only after a period of 10-YEARS from the DATE OF SANCTION of the IMMEDIATELY PRECEDING PROJECT as well as performance output in the previous project.

(2) Resource sharing by Grantee Organizations For Level ‘A’ and ‘B’- All Govt. Organizations: 100% @DST Any Non-Govt./ Private/ Aided Organizations: 75% @DST & 25% @Grantee Institute For Level ‘C’ and ‘D’- All Organizations (Govt./ Non-Govt.): 75% @DST & 25% @Grantee Institute

(3) PRIVATE Academic University/ College/ Institution under Not-for-Profit status and GOVT. AIDED Colleges would be considered as Academic Institutions (Private) option during the process of online submission of proposal.

Mandatory Documents for Online Proposal Submission:

(1) Endorsement from PI and Summary Sheet for FIST-2022

(2) Endorsement Letter from the Registrar of the University/Head of the Institute/ Principal of the College

(3) Department of Science and Technology – Policy on Conflict of Interest

(4) Terms and Conditions for “FIST” Grant

(5) Project Implementation Group (PIG)

(6) Brief Summary of the FIST Support (Not required for Departments/ Colleges seeking first time support)

Call closing date: 10th August 2022.

Contact person: Dr Arindam Bhattacharyya (

Deadline for submission of concept note/expression of interest to R&D Department –July 31, 2022, EoD. The project proposal in prescribed format or the concept note as the case may be, should be sent to Dean R&D (, with CC to Associate Dean (R&D) ( well in time.

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Fund for Improvement of S&T Infrastructure in Universities and Higher Educational Institutions (FIST) Program – 2022

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