Call for Proposals for CSIR Research Grants

Background: The Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) provides financial assistance to promote research work in the fields of Science & Technology, including Agriculture, Engineering and Medicine. The assistance is provided by way of grants to Professors/Experts in regular employment, in the universities, IITs, post-graduate institutions, recognised R&D laboratories both in public and private sectors. Research proposals of applied nature as well as those falling under basic sciences which attempt to solve specific problems being pursued by CSIR laboratories, or in newer and complementary fields, are considered for CSIR support. Priority is given to multi-disciplinary projects which involve inter-organisational co-operation (including that of CSIR laboratories) and to schemes which have relevance to research programmes of CSIR laboratories.

A time bound research proposal clear and specific in the objective(s) making use of or proposing a new idea and realistic and reasonable in the means needed to execute it has a good chance of receiving CSIR support. The CSIR provides essential financial inputs for viable research schemes so as to obtain definite advancements in specific fields and areas.
Research grants of CSIR are intended mainly to supplement the research facilities available with the sponsoring institutions. Funds provided are for one or more Junior Research Fellows (JRF), Senior Research Fellows (SRF) and Research Associates (RA), contingencies and equipment. Usually the amounts sanctioned for equipment are small. No graded posts are sanctioned nor are funds provided for other kinds of expenditure.


Applications for research grants can be submitted at any time during the year. The research proposal should be submitted in the prescribed proforma (Form-C & Form-C1). The application should be forwarded, through the Head of the concerned institution duly certified that (i) the core facilities are available and will be provided to the investigator(s) to work on the proposed scheme, and (ii) the department/institute will discharge all its obligations, particularly in respect of management of the grants given. Ethical clearance where required should be enclosed with Form C. If equipment is to be purchased, quotations for the same must be enclosed with Form C.
PIs from private institutes are required to send relevant documents regarding the status of their institute. Recognition certificate from UGC/DST/DSIR or affiliation certificate stating that the affiliation of institute to the recognized university/institutes for at least next three years. In case of colleges, PG course in the proposed area of research should be operational at the time of submission of the project.
The research proposals on receipt in CSIR are sent to referees (from a panel drawn by Human Resource Development Group HRDG, CSIR and CSIR laboratories in which work related/analogous to the proposal is in progress, for their evaluation. These are then considered by the concerned area research committees.
Nature & Duration of Support

The tenure of a scheme is 3 years or less as asked for by the investigator. Extension beyond 3 years may be considered in a few deserving cases depending on the progress and need of the project; extension is granted rarely. The period of extension will be limited to a maximum of two years. The PI may make a request for extension in time, preferably in his renewal application for third year, giving detailed justification and period for which extension is required. A detailed report of scientific achievements under the scheme since its inception must invariably be sent along with the request for extension. The PI should also state clearly that a second extension is not contemplated at all.
Call closing date: Throughout the year.

Deadline for submission of concept note/expression of interest to R&D Department – 1 Week before submission.

The project proposal in prescribed format or the concept note as the case may be, should be sent to Dean R&D (, with CC to Associate Dean (R&D) ( well in time.

Call for Proposals for CSIR Research Grants

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