Dated: November 19th 2021
Venue: MAC

Agenda Items:

1. How would we recruit PhD students such that applicant pool is large enough to attract bright students?
2. How do we manage PhD life cycle eg. Admissions, orientation, onboarding review, award of credential, alumni relation etc. is there a better way?
3. Amount of fellowship that we should give- proposed 30, 33, 36 and 40k PM for years 1-4 respectively.
4. Process of supervisor allocation-how best to do it?
5. Process of scholarship disbursements-automatic or approval basis?
6. Process of periodic reviews- how frequent, how much rigorous, what should be major milestones?
7. Normal duration and quality of PhD- if Germany can award in 3 years, how much time should we take? This has direct financial implications.
8. The kind of lab/infrastructure required- better and advanced planning required.
9. Management of PhD student life cycle-Automation and integrated systems.
10. How much fee should we charge from PhD student?
11. What about PhD student housing?
12. Sitting/office space

Workshop on Research Strategy

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