The center for Interdisciplinary research (CIDRI) , UPES , Dehradun, organized a one day workshop which focused on Industry –Academia collaboration on the topic – Advances in materials and battery technology for electric vehicles. This workshop was organized as a part of the project titled “Study, education, and training of students in environment sustainability and clean energy technologies for solid state battery application” which has been sponsored by Ornate Solar Pvt Ltd., New Delhi.

This workshop was started after inauguration and welcome address by Dr. D.K. Awasthi and then it was presided over by Dr. Sunil Rai, vice-chancellor, UPES. Then there was an address by Prof. A. C Pandey who was the chief guest of the workshop.

This workshop comprised of many Keynote addresses by experts and academicians such as Prof. Vijayamohanan K Pillai (IISER-Tirupati) , Prof. B. K . Panigrahi (Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Delhi) and industry representatives such as Mr. Aditya Goel (Director, Ornate Solar Pvt Ltd, Delhi) and Mr. Rahul Raj (Director , Inverted Energy).

Prof. Vijayamohanan K Pillai spoke in detail about the need of sustainable energy in the future by suitable energy storage, smart metering and introduction of smart grids. He spoke in length about ideal characteristics of intelligent Battery materials and what are different materials required for smart batteries. He described the different types of cells which are used in batteries such as cylindrical cell, button cell, prismatic cell etc. He described the analysis of structural components of Lithium-ion battery. He gave an idea of advantages of Conversion electrodes with respect to Conventional electrodes used in battery cells. Prof Pillai also spoke about the key areas on which Electrical vehicles must invest in order to increase base of consumer market. He also spoke about different MNCs working on fuel cell technologies apart from technology of battery for electrical vehicles. In the end, he spoke about advanced battery materials and batteries which hold good scope in the future. He concluded by saying that in India, public-private partnership is a must for people to adopt electrical vehicles technology in order to build a better and sustainable future.

Workshop on “Advances in materials and battery technology for electric vehicles”

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