Type of Event: Seminar on Learning with Leaders (Hybrid mode)
Date Time : 29-11-2021 & 30-11-2021,03: 00 pm to 4:30 pm, 9:30 am to 10:30 am
Venue :Day 1: Vivekananda Auditorium & Day 2: Laboratory Visit

The introductory note was given by Dr. D.K. Avasthi
➢ Discussed about the lateral thinking and creativity for all the learners which will be approaching in different sectors.
➢ He discussed about the theory of retaining good and discard remaining by adding a story on graphite
➢ He explained about the miniaturization by hydrogel. He discussed about the micrometer lens array by dewelting method.
➢ Usage of array of mirrors can be used to make miniatures. Array of lenses can form multiple images which is called photolithography.
➢ He discussed about the future of engineers which will be based upon machine learning and artificial intelligence. He explained the challenges which will bring the rise of intelligent machine which will be based upon the cyber- physical and biological components. He discussed about the circle of discovery, invention and innovation.
➢ He visited CIC lab, Bosch Lab, Energy Lab, Waste to Pencil Lab, Aerospace Lab and reviewed the ongoing DST funded projects in the respective labs.
➢ He appreciated the work and the facilities developed in the labs and the exposure given to the students and research scholars.

Seminar on “Recent Innovations in Science and Engineering for Sustainability (RISES)”

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