Address and Presentation by Prof. B.R. Mehta, Emeritus Professor, IIT Delhi shared his views on the importance of increasing funded and sponsored research in the universities. In his address prof. Mehta covered the following points.
• At the start of his presentation, he shared his experience as faculty and research dean in IIT Delhi. He also shared his individual and institutional perspectives.
• Prof. Mehta also showed the development of sponsored research and growth of Ph.D. students in IIT Delhi during his tenure.
• He informed that an individual should submit a project for their particular autonomy, for growing strong connections with national and international peers.
• It also provides important feedback to your research and for personal focus & initiative.
• For Ph.D. students, it gives a learning experience useful for employment and gives a focus to the Ph.D. work.
• He said that a good project is as important as a good publication.
• Later on, he discussed the success rate of projects in different countries on a percentage basis. He shows that in India during 1990-2010 the rate was 80-90% but during 2020 it gets decreased to 20-30%. Whereas the success rate in USA and Germany is about 10-20%.

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Interaction Session with Prof. B.R. Mehta, Ex. Dean R&D, IIT Delhi

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